Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Even though I am an avid reader for some reason I have only ever managed to read one of Brandon Sanderson's books, and even though I really enjoyed that book I never continued with the rest of the series. But when I got the opportunity to read and review Skyward I jumped at the chance… Continue reading Skyward by Brandon Sanderson


Blog Tour- Beautiful Star by Andrew Swanston

Welcome to my turn on the Beautiful Star and other stories by Andrew Swanston Blog Tour. I have yet to read all the stories in Beautiful Star, but I have managed to read a couple of the stories and I have really enjoyed them. Its something different from what I normally read so I was… Continue reading Blog Tour- Beautiful Star by Andrew Swanston

Book Reviews

Blackout by Marc Elsberg

A cold night in Milan, Piero Manzano wants to get home. Then the traffic lights fail. Manzano is thrown from his Alfa as cars pile up. And not just on this street – every light in the city is dead. Across Europe, controllers watch in disbelief as electricity grids collapse. Plunged into darkness, people are… Continue reading Blackout by Marc Elsberg