Illumicrate’s Magic & Mayhem Unboxing



img_4628I have been waiting for this box to arrive on my door step ever since I ordered it a few months back. V. E. Schwab is one of my all time favourite authors and when I heard Illumicrate were doing a special edition box based off the Shades of Magic and Villains series I jumped at the chance to buy it. This box did cost quite a bit more than the standard book subscription boxes but with the promise of many more items than normal and an exclusive cover for the book I couldn’t argue. 




The first item in this box was this Double Sided Tote Bag designed by Rowa Tree. There is a Shades of Magic side and a Villains inspired design on the other side. I really love both of the designs, they are really striking, I would have loved this to have been a cushion instead of a tote bag. But the tote bag is really thick and is one of the strongest tote bags I have received in a book subscription box.



The second item included in this box was this Handy Much/ Make Up Bag designed by Stella Bookish Art. I think the design of this bag is absolutely  stunning, I really like the quote and the design fits in perfectly with the theme and its just so V. E. Schwab. I am not sure what I am going to use this for yet but I do really like it. 



The third item in the box were these Tarot Style Cards designed by Lorena Lammer. The tarot cards feature artwork from the Darker Shades of Magic series and I am in love with them. I am considering framing them all because they are so gorgeous. 




The next item was this Darker Shade of London Candle made by Amelia’s Kitchen Candles. This has to be one of the prettiest bookish candles I own, the layers of the candle are so unique. The colours are inspired by the four different Londons in the Shade of Magic series and smell of bergamot, cinnamon and vanilla.



img_4631Also included in this box was this As Tascen bottle by Crini. Again I think this is one of the better looking bottles I have had through a book subcription box. Its light weight but feels very secure and it even has a clip on the end of the bottle so it can be secured somewhere. I like the design of the text on the bottle its very eye catching. 




The next item in the box was this As Travars Keyring and this Villains Enamel Pin both designed by Fable & Black. I love the design for the keyring, its so simple but still very pretty. I am not normally a huge fan of enamel pins either but I think this Villains inspired pin is very nice. 




img_4614Up next were these Character Bookmarks designed by Merwild. The characters are from the Shade of Magic series and I can’t pick my favourite. All the characters are lifelike and are just how I envisioned the characters while reading the series. I also like how there were four different bookmarks included in the box. 




img_4619The next item was this Night Spire Mug designed by Temporary Places. Mugs seem to be a popular item to include in book subscription boxes so for me they have to be something special to stick out and make me want to keep it. This mug I really like though, its different and I love the design. 




img_4616Another item designed by Fable & Black was this wonderful Knitted Scarf. It has the four Londons from the Shades of Magic series. The design is on both sides of the scarf and its very soft and snug. With winter fast approaching I am sure going to use this to keep me warm on the cold days. 




img_4617The next items were these Four London Postcards designed by Moledro Craft Co. This show the four different Londons from the Shades of Magic series and they are all beautiful. The detail that went in to designing all four of the cards makes them exquisite to look at. Again I think these are something that I will try and frame. 



img_4630The last bookish item in this box was Vicious and Vengeful Book Sleeve designed by Illumicrate. The book sleeve is double sided and features a quote from both Vicious and Vengeful. I don’t own many book sleeves but this has to be my favourite. Its design is the same as the Vicious hardcover book and I really like the quotes.




Finally to the main event, the book. This special exclusive edition of Vengeful by V. E. Schwab has a bright red cover and is actually signed by the author! Also with the book was a letter from V. E. Schwab and a wonderful Art Print of Lila and Kell from the Shades of Magic series by Victoria Ying. 



Overall Thoughts



I have been subscribing to book subscription boxes for over two years now and I have so many different type of boxes and some were worth the money, while some were very disappointing, and recently I have become a bit bored with the boxes. But with this special edition V. E. Schwab box it has knocked all the over boxes out of the water and this has jumped to the top of the list of my favourite book boxes ever! I cannot fault this box at all. Every item in this box is absolutely stunning and fits in perfectly with the theme. All the items have had some tremendous thought put into them and only the best have made it into this box. As I unboxed this I had a smile on my face throughout and I am sure to use ever single item. I love the variety of items included and that the book has an exclusive cover and is signed by V. E. Schwab herself. I don’t think I am ever going to get a book subscription box better than this one, it was definitely worth the money!!

The next Illumicrate will be out in November, check out the website for more information. Illumicrate.

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