Illumicrate Hidden Talents Unboxing

I know I am a little late posting this, but this is May’s Illumicrate box. The theme for the may box was Hidden Talents, and after the last themed box I had some really high hopes for this one. This box was full of exclusive bookish items and had not one but two books!




The first item in this box was Exclusive ‘It is Your Time’ Book Sleeve designed by Risarodil. Black Panther is one of the biggest films of the year and I am so glad I have a bookish item to go with the film. I really like the artwork and design for this book sleeve, its very eye catching and original. Also it feels thick with padding, so I know its going to protect the book.


The second item was this Exclusive Camp Half Blood Enamel Pin designed by Fable and Black. I have yet to finish the Percy Jackson series but I can appreciate how stunning this pin looks. The design of the pin is simple but just by glancing at it you know what fandom its off.  I am not normally an Enamel Pin person but I really do like this one and I might have to find a place to pin it too.


The third item in the box was this Exclusive #Prefersfictionalworlds Box designed by Alice Oseman. I have never had an item like this before included in a box, and I am a little stumped at what I’m going to use it for, but I really like the art work on the lid of the box. Perhaps I could keep bookmarks, enamel pins or other bookish items in the box to keep them safe.


Also included in the box were these Exclusive Infernal Devices Cards designed by Taratjah. This is another series that I have started and have yet to finish but again I can appreciate the beauty of the cards. The design for each of the characters are very detailed and I really do like them. I have already put them with the books so I will use them as bookmarks when I finally get round to reading them.


The final bookish item in this box were these Exclusive Elements Page Markers designed by Another Studio. The page markers are made of stainless steel and based off the series Avatar: The Last Airbender. I have not read this series either, but because they are standard elements they could be based off quite a few different fandoms. These are something different and I can see myself using them at some point.


The first book included in this box was an Exclusive ARC edition of Light Years by Kass Morgan and is not released until October 2018. I have to admit that before unboxing this I had never heard of this book before. I had heard of the author because I did watch a couple of series of The 100, but I have not read any of the books. After reading the description for Light Years it does sound interesting and I will give it a read.


The second book featured in this box was an Exclusive edition of A Thousand Perfect Notes by C. G. Drews. Again I had not heard of this book before unboxing it but the description does sound intriguing and a different type of book from what normally is included in book subscription boxes. This edition is exclusive because it had bright red sprayed pages. The book also came with a bookmark and a sticker.


Overall Thoughts

For me this box was a mixed bag, I really liked some of the items included but then I wasn’t too keen on some of the other items in the box. I cant fault any of the items quality though because they are designed beautifully and feel like that are made from high quality materials. I did like that the two books featured in this box were completely new too me, and both sound like something I would enjoy reading. I don’t think I would of picked these up in a bookshop, so I am glad that by being in this box I know have a chance of reading something different and something normally I wouldn’t buy myself.

The next Illumicrate will be out in August, check out the website for more information. Illumicrate.

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