April’s Fairyloot Unboxing

I know I am a little behind with my unboxings, April’s Fairyloot theme was Whimsical Journeys. Again this was another vague theme, and I found it really hard to guess what sort of items and fandoms would feature in this box, apart from the ones that had been revealed before the boxes were sent out. Like last month I also had no idea what book would be featured in this box, so most of the items in this box was a total surprise.


The first item in the was box was this Exclusive Reusable Narnia Coffee Mug made by Ink and Wonder. This is the first time I have got a reusable mug in a subscription box, normally its just ordinary mugs, which is great but sometimes feel that you can have too many bookish mugs. The design on the mug is very striking and colourful, and I really like it. Another feature that I like is that the lid screws onto the mug so less spillages.


The second item was this Exclusive Adventure Tote Bag made by Stella’s Bookish Art. Again the design for this is very bright and very colourful. I would rather have had this as a cushion cover because I think I would really like it displayed in my room. But as a tote bag it feels very sturdy and made of high quality material.


Also included in the box was this Exclusive Leif’s Ship Candle made by Flick The Wick. The candle is based off the book that is included in this months box, so I won’t reveal the book just yet just incase you don’t want to be spoiled. The author also had some input about what scent the candle should be, which I think its really great.


This Exclusive Magical Beast Luggage Tag designed by Lovely Owls Books was included in this months box. I think this is my favourite from the box because it is so different and of course it is JK Rowling merch, so whats not to love about it. I love the design for this and can’t wait to use it the next time I pack a suitcase.


Also included in the box was this Exclusive Blackjack Enamel Pin designed by Taratjah. I still havent completed the Percy Jackson Series but I really like this pin. Its a simple design but its eye catching and nice to look at. Again the pin feels very solid and surprisingly heavy, so it shows its made from high quality material.


This Exclusive Carpe Diem Notepad designed by Little Inking Designs was also in this months box. The quote on the notepad is from The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. This is another series that I have started but have not completed yet, but this is a really nice notepad.


The final bookish item in this box was this Exclusive Fictional Places Art Print designed by Fictiontea Designs. If I could I would have this blown up, and put on my wall, I love the design. It has so many amazing fictional places that all book lovers must have a favourite place featured on there. I think this is my favourite art print ever.


Finally the book featured in this months box was Beyond a Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake. I have to admit that I have never heard of this before before but after reading the description it does sound interesting. It is also a stand alone which is another plus because you don’t get that many fantasy books that are part of a series, so it will be nice to read a stand alone book for a change. This edition was an exclusive for Fairyloot because it had gold foiling on the front cover. The book also came with signed bookplate, a letter from the author and a sticker.


Overall Thoughts

After not really liking the box we had in March, I thought that perhaps its time for me to find another monthly subscription box, but I am glad that I carried on the subscription because I really liked the items and the theme for this months box. The items included were different and very unique to what you normally get and I liked that quite a few new book series were featured in this months box.

If you are thinking to subscribing to FairyLoot then I would suggest signing up to their Newsletter and they will get in contact with you with new themes and the date for when the boxes become available to order.


I have already subscribed to the next box, which has the theme of Save the Kingdom. I am excited to see what items they have planned to featured in the box because I love the theme title and the suppliers that have been revealed looks like its going to be a great box.

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