April Wrap Up

This month has been a rubbish month for reading, I only managed to read a total of four books. Right at the beginning of the month I found myself in a reading slump that lasted over a week. I wanted to pick up a book and read, but when I did I found myself not really reading it and not taking in any of the story, so I decided to just stop reading and wait until I had the urge to read again. Its a shame because I had some really good books on my TBR for April and I think this reading slump made me feel a bit disinterested in them.


The books I read in April were-

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Out of all the books on my April TBR this was the book I was most looking forward to reading. I had some very high expectations for this book because of all the praise and amazing reviews it has been getting. I do think that I fell for the hype though because for me it didn’t live up to it. I still enjoyed the story and everything, but it just didn’t meet my high expectations.

Review coming soon

stars 1stars 1stars 1stars 1

I rated this book 4/5 stars


The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

This was another book I was looking forward to. Again the reviews for this have been mostly postive and the premise for the story sounded very intriguing. The first half of the book was great, the story was exciting, the characters were brilliant, and the writing was wonderful. I just felt that the second half wasn’t as great, but was still good. On a whole I did enjoy this book and I can’t wait to read more from the author.

The Hazel Wood Review

stars 1stars 1stars 1stars 1
I rated this book 4/5 stars


The Extinction Trials by S.M. Wilson

This book is set in a dystopian world with dinosaurs, as soon as I found out about this book I bought it immediately, and I am so glad I did because its amazing. I loved everything about this book, from the story, to the characters, to the writing, everything about this book makes it a perfect read for everyone. I liked it so much that it has already made my list for my favourite reads of 2018.

The Extinction Trials Review

stars 1stars 1stars 1stars 1stars 1

I rated this book 4/5 stars


Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

Even though I have never read The Girl on the Train, I had some high hopes for this book because everyone said how amazing The Girl on the Train is. I didn’t know too much about this book, so I was a little unsure of what to expect. I did find the different POVs a little distracting and difficult to follow, and the beginning part of the story felt like hard work reading, but on a whole I found it to be an okay book.

Review coming soon

stars 1stars 1stars 1

I rated this book 3/5 stars


Book of the Month

For April my Book of the Month has to be The Extinction Trials by S.M. Wilson. I completely devoured this book in only a couple of sittings and I loved every minute of it. Even though its described as The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park, I think it stands out on its own as a really strong, well written and engaging book. I am so glad that the next book in the series is released this month because I can’t wait to jump straight back into this world and read the next adventure.


What is your favourite read of April?


4 thoughts on “April Wrap Up”

  1. I fell into a reading slump in April too. Try not to beat yourself up about not reading as much though – and you still managed to read 4 books! I felt the same way about Children of Blood and Bone, the hype was just way too much.

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      1. That’s good then. Yes I think so. I seem to be getting into a reading slump every other month at the minute, which isn’t great. Yeah I suppose you’re right.


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