February’s Wildest Dreams Unboxing

This is my first every Wildest Dreams Book Box and I have to say that I am really pleased with all the items included this month. After seeing a discount code for this box, and seeing other people in the book community raving about this book box, I couldn’t not order this box. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

February’s theme for the box was Truth and Lies. I struggled to think about what items they could include in this box to fit in with the theme. Also I struggled to think of what new released book they could feature to coincide with the theme, but I needed of worried because all the items complimented the theme really well.


The first item was this Lies Require Commitment Candle made by Taken Moons. This candle is inspired by the Divergent series and smells of black cherry. With this being an exclusive candle for the box, only subscribers will be able to smell this wonderful scented candle.


The second it was this Veritaserum Tea, made by Rosie Lea Tea. I love that the tea came in a test tube and that its a Harry Potter themed tea. The tea is Lemon and Ginger flavour and it smells beautiful, I cannot wait to try it. I love anything Harry Potter related and this veritaserum themed tea fits in perfectly with the Truth and Lies theme.


Also included in this box was some Sweets and a Harry Potter bookmark. I love the bookmark with all the different Hogwarts House crests on them, and who does love sweets? This is the first time sweets or something edible has been included in a book subscription box, and I would love for it to be a more regular thing.


The book featured was The Truth and Lies of Ella Black by Emily Barr. I haven’t read this book yet but after reading the description, I am excited to start it. I have the authors other book, The One Memory of Flora Banks, which I have yet to read. Also included with the book was a signed book plate and a letter from the author.


This is my first Wildest Dreams Book Box, and I have to say that I found it to be an interesting and well thought out box. Yes the box is simple compared to other book boxes on sale, but I like that all the items included fitted in with the theme really well, and all the items are made of high quality materials. I love that there was an exclusive item included in this box, which makes buying this box much more worthwhile for subscribers. Another good thing about this box is the price, its very cheap compared to some other book subscription boxes. This box was only £15 with a coupon code, but the normal price is only £18 and its free UK shipping. There is a lot to love about this box, and I hope that other people in the book community start to see how amazing this box is and subscribe.


I have enjoyed this box so much that I have already subscribed for this months box. The theme for this month is Family Ties and I cannot wait to see what items will be included.

To find out more information click the link below

Wildest Dreams Book Box


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