February TBR

Last month I only put five books on my TBR and for the first time ever I managed to read all the books and more. So this month I am doing the same and only choosing five books, hopefully I manage to read more again, but if not then at least I have knocked some books of my massive To Be Read pile. Also this month I have gone for a range of different genres again when it came to picking these books. I found that last month I wasn’t getting bored of reading, and I think one reason was because I read different genres of books.


The books I plan on reading in February are-

The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd

Twenty years ago, Dennis Danson was arrested and imprisoned for the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida’s Red River County. Now he’s the subject of a true-crime documentary that’s whipping up a frenzy online to uncover the truth and free a man who has been wrongly convicted. A thousand miles away in England, Samantha is obsessed with Dennis’s case. She exchanges letters with him, and is quickly won over by his apparent charm and kindness to her. Soon she has left her old life behind to marry him and campaign for his release. But when the campaign is successful and Dennis is freed, Sam begins to discover new details that suggest he may not be quite so innocent after all. But how do you confront your husband when you don’t want to know the truth?

I was sent The Innocent Wife for review, and the description really caught my attention and I can’t wait to see if the entire book will do the same. I don’t really read many books like this but I do normally enjoy them when I do, and recently this book has gotten so many positive reviews, I am sure I will enjoy reading this one. 


Everless by Sarah Holland

In the land of Sempera, the rich control everything – even time. Ever since the age of alchemy and sorcery, hours, days and years have been extracted from blood and bound to iron coins. The rich live for centuries; the poor bleed themselves dry. Jules and her father are behind on their rent and low on hours. To stop him from draining himself to clear their debts, Jules takes a job at Everless, the grand estate of the cruel Gerling family. There, Jules encounters danger and temptation in the guise of the Gerling heir, Roan, who is soon to be married. But the web of secrets at Everless stretches beyond her desire, and the truths Jules must uncover will change her life for ever … and possibly the future of time itself

I received Everless in December’s Fairyloot box and ever since the books been in the back of my mind, so I am hoping hat I get round to reading this at some point this month. The premise sounds original and exciting and I am hoping that it will be a book I can’t put down once I start reading. 


Time Shards by Dana Fredsti and David Fitzgerald

An unimaginable cataclysm in the 23rd century shatters 600 years of the Earth’s timeline into jumbled fragments. Our world is gone: instantly replaced by a new one made of shattered remnants of the past, present and future, all existing alongside one another in a nightmare patchwork of different time “shards”. Amber Richardson is stranded on a tiny fragment of 21st century Britain. She crosses paths with Cam, a young warrior of a tribe from Roman Brittania, and together they struggle to survive-only to be imprisoned by Cromwellian soldiers. One of their captives is a man who Amber calls “Merlin, and who claims to be the scientist responsible for the Event. Together they must escape and locate Merlin’s ship before the damage to the timeline is irreparable.

I was also sent Time Shards to review and I am so excited to start this. Just reading the description made me think this would be an awesome movie, hopefully when reading the book it will come across the same way. I don’t normally read many sci-fi books, but this one definitely sounds like something I would really enjoy. 


Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria griffin

Nell Crane has never held a boy’s hand. In a city devastated by an epidemic, where survivors are all missing parts-an arm, a leg, an eye-Nell has always been an outsider. Her father is the famed scientist who created the biomechanical limbs that everyone now uses. But she’s the only one with her machinery on the inside: her heart. Since the childhood operation, she has ticked. Like a clock, like a bomb. And as her community rebuilds, everyone is expected to contribute to the society’s good… but how can Nell live up to her father’s revolutionary ideas when she has none of her own? Then she finds a lost mannequin’s hand while salvaging on the beach, and inspiration strikes. Can Nell build her own companion in a world that fears advanced technology? 

A few months ago I was sent a sampler of Spare And Found Parts, and I loved the writing, the story and I wanted more. So when I had an opportunity to request the entire book I jumped at the chance. I am excited to read this because it sounds like an updated and twisted retelling of Frankenstein. 


Batman Nightwalker by Marie Lu

The Nightwalkers are terrorizing Gotham City.
The city’s elites are being taken out one by one as their mansions’ security systems turn against them, trapping them like prey. Meanwhile, Bruce is about to become eighteen and inherit his family’s fortune. But on the way home from his birthday party, he makes an impulsive choice and is sentenced to community service at Arkham Asylum, the infamous prison that holds the city’s most nefarious criminals. The most intriguing inmate is Madeleine, a brilliant girl with ties to the Nightwalkers. She is the mystery he must unravel, but is he convincing her to divulge her secrets, or is he feeding her the information she needs to bring Gotham City to its knees?

Batman is one of my favourite superheroes, so when I heard about Batman Nightwalker, I had to pick this book up. This sounds like its going to be a book filled with action and intrigue and I am excited to read a book about Batman before he was actually Batman. I think judging by the size of this book I will manage to read this in one sitting. 


Have you read any of the books on this months TBR?

What do you plan on reading this month?


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