Unboxing November’s Illumicrate

The last Illumicrate of the year! It always seems longer than three months in-between getting the Illumicrates boxes, but the wait is worth it when there is so many great items in one box. I am really happy with this box and I cannot wait to see what Illumicrate have in store for us next year.



The first item was this Exclusive Bookish Tea Towel that was designed by Evannaveillustration. This is a good quality towel and its nice to having something bookish that can be used in the kitchen. I like the simple design, the blue is eye catching and bold, so there is nothing too dislike about this item.

The second item was this Exclusive The Right Book Print which is designed by Nutmegandarlo. Again this is a simple design but it stands out. There is no colour apart from the gold foiling, but its really nice to look at. The quote is very bookish and its from J.K Rowling.

Another item was this Exclusive Unicorn Journal that was designed by Prismofstarlings. Again this was another exclusive item and its something that is useful to everyone. There is ample space to jot down events and notes, and its beautifully set out. The cover is different and I haven’t seen one quite like this before.

Also in this box was this Exclusive Reading in Bed Candle made by Merakicandles. I think the scent of this candle is one of my all time favourites. The hot chocolate smell is so addictive that I have to keep lifting the lid to smell it. Its a shame that this candle is an exclusive because I need a bigger size candle.

There was also this Exclusive Moon and Stars Necklace made by Ohpandaeyes. I really like the design of this necklace, its very smart and very elegant. I am probably going to gift this to someone because it needs to be worn and to be seen. I also like how this gives us a sneaky clue to one of the books featured in the box.

Also included were these two Book Samplers. One was for This mortal Coil and the other was Iron Gold. I have yet to start the Red Rising series, so I won’t be reading the Iron Gold sampler, but This Mortal Coil looks like it will be an interesting read and I will probably check that sampler out.

The first book included in this box was an ARC of The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty. I have been seeing this all over the book community recently and I have been dying to read it, so I am glad I have finally got my hands on a copy now. I love the cover for this ARC as well, its very detailed and makes me want to pick it up even more.

The main book was Artemis by Andy Weir. I have never read The Martian, but I know it has had some really good reviews, so I can’t wait to read this book. I also like how this book is another exclusive for Illumicrate because it has black sprayed pages. Also included with the book was a travel brochure and a bookmark.


Overall Thoughts

This is the last Illumicrate of the year, and I think it finished the year strong. All the items included in this box were really high quality and are perfect for any book lover. Again I liked the fact that there was a range of different types of items, so it didn’t just feel like you were getting the same things over and over again. The two books featured are books that I want to read, which is always a bonus. All the items included are exclusive which makes getting this box worthwhile because you know that no one else other than Illumicrate subscribers will get the items. Only a few months wait now until the next Illumicrate will be delivered.

The next Illumicrate will be out in February, check out the website for more information. Illumicrate.

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