Unboxing October’s Fairyloot

The theme for October’s Fairyloot was Villainous, and I was so excited for this box. I thought the theme for this box was really interesting and with so many bookish villains I had high hopes for this box. Now having unboxed everything I can say that all the items included fitted in with the theme really well, and I think this box will please most book lovers.




The first item in October’s box was this Exclusive Maleficent Candle made by Meraki Candles. I always like Meraki Candles products because they are so original and always smell beautiful, and this candle did not disappoint. I also liked the added extra of glitter in the candle.


The second item in this box was this Exclusive Old Fashioned Villain Coaster, and it was designed by Evie Seo. I haven’t got that many bookish coasters, but I have got to say that this is my favourite. I love the quote, the design and the colours. Everything about this coaster fits in perfectly with the theme.


Another item included in this box is this Exclusive Death Eater Enamel Pin by House of Wonderland. I love anything to do with Harry Potter and I collect a lot of Harry Potter items, but I have not got any Harry Potter pins. I love the design of this pin and it feels like its made to last.


Also included in this box was this Exclusive Hidden Darkness Pocket Mirror that was designed by Little Inkling Designs. Again this a well made and well designed item that completely fits in with the theme of this box. I don’t think I would have much use for this item, but I could definitely gift this to someone.


Another amazing item in this box was this Exclusive Raise Hell Print made by Evie Seo. I absolutely adore this print and think it must be my favourite print from Fairyloot. I think the design is stunning and very eye catching. Also the quote on the print fits very well with the theme.


Also in this box there were these The Language of Thorns Postcards. I have seen some of the images from the Language of Thorns book, and I they are beautiful to look at and these postcards are no different. The postcards are double sided and show six different designs from the book.


The first book featured in this months box was an Exclusive The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo. This is one of the items we knew we were getting from the beginning, and I am so happy about it. This edition is an exclusive because the of the red foiling on the cover of this book.


The second book in box was Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao. I have heard some really positive reviews about this book and I have been wanting to read this for a while, and now I have my own copy. Also with the book was a signed book plate and a letter from the author.


Overall Thoughts


The Villainous box has to be my favourite box of the year so far from Fairyloot. Everything about this box was spot on and fitted in with the theme perfectly. I liked how there was so many different series and items included in this box. Another plus was because there was two brilliant books, which again fitted in with this months theme really well.

If you are thinking to subscribing to FairyLoot then I would suggest signing up to their Newsletter and they will get in contact with you with new themes and the date for when the boxes become available to order.


I have already subscribed to the next box, which has the theme of Ladies That Slay. I am excited to see what items they have planned to featured in the box because I love the theme title and the suppliers that have been revealed looks like its going to be a great box.

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