Unboxing April Fairyloot


The theme for April’s Fairyloot was Dreams & Wishes, and I was very excited to see what sort of items they would include in the box. Before unboxing this box I did have an idea on the book that would be featured, but most of the other items were a surprise.




The first item in the box was this To The Stars Ceramic Mug made exclusively by Risa Rodil. The mug features a quote from A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. I don’t have many bookish mugs, but I have to say that I think this one is my favourite. I love the design, the colours, the quote, everything about this mug is perfect for any bookish fan.



The second item I unboxed was this Little Dreamer Tote Bag, exclusively made by Miss Phi. I absolutely love the design of this tote bag, it is very striking and stunning to look at. I have only read the first book in The Bone Season series by Samantha Shannon, but this bag is making me want to read the rest of the books.



Another item included in the box was this Gemstone Notebook made by Portico. There were 12 different gemstone notebooks sent out, and I received the Ruby notebook. This is a stunning notebook with gold edged pages and a very colour and shinny inside pages. The notebook is the perfect size to carry round as well.



Also in the box was this Reverie Candle made exclusively by Meraki Candles. I absolutely love Meraki Candles and I think that they come up with some really beautiful scents. This candle smells of mint, marshmallow and candy floss. As soon as I opened the lid I could smell all these gorgeous scents. Also the added glitter on top is genius.



Another item included was these Dream Jar Pin, exclusively made by House of Wonderland. This is the first time Fairyloot have included a pin in their box and I have to say that if the pins are as lovely as this one, then I have no problem with them including more pins in more boxes.



For the first time ever Fairyloot has included a bookmark of theme art cards. I am really glad they have started to do this because I think all the theme art cards are stunning and now I can see them more in the form of a bookmark. I think this months art is one of the best they have ever had.



The final bookish item in this box was this Follow Your Dreams Magnet, made exclusively by Fairyloot. Again I really liked the design of the magnet and I think it fits in with the months theme really well. The magnet feels pretty sturdy, which means it should last quite a while.



The that was included in this months box was Given To The Sea by Mindy McGinnis. I did manage to guess correctly the book, but that’s only because I have saw it on my social media a few days before Fairyloot dispatched the box. After reading the synopsis for the book, it does sound like it would be something I would enjoy reading, so hopefully I will get round to starting it in the very near future. Also included with the book was a signed book plate and a letter from the author.


Overall Thoughts


Overall I really enjoyed the items included in April’s Fairyloot box. All the items releated back to the theme really well and there were so many great items. I liked how most of the items were exclusively made for this box which makes this box even more special. I also like the wide range of items featured in the box, there is something for everyone.

If you are thinking to subscribing to FairyLoot then I would suggest signing up to their Newsletter and they will get in contact with you with new themes and the date for when the boxes become available to order.


I have already subscribed to the next box, which has the theme of Warriors & Legends. I am excited to see what items they have planned to featured in the box.


Have you subscribed to Fairyloot? Did you like this months box?

What other book subscription boxes do you subscribe too?

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