Unboxing February’s Illumicrate


This is my sixth box from Illumicrate and like always it featured some great items. I like that Illumicrate only does four boxes a year because it means that there is even more time and effort put in to creating each box.





The first item in the box was this Exclusive Bare Necessities Pouch made by Literary Lifestyle Company. I really liked the design for this, as well as the quote. The pouch feels like its made from really strong and high quality material, which means hopefully it will keep all my bookish things inside for a while.



The second item were these A Darker Shade Magnets, made by Her Bookish Things. The two quotes on the magnets are brilliant and I would really like to see more being made so I can collect them all. The A Darker Shade series has some amazing quotes, so many more magnets could be created.



Also included in the box was this Magic and Mischief Balm, made by Bookish Serendipity Co. This was another exclusive item featured in the box. I don’t really use balms, but I am sure I can gift it to a friend or someone to use. Still its a nice little bookish item to have in the box.



Another item in the box was this Newt Scamander Bookmark, made by Jane’s Tiny Things. I love anything to do with Harry Potter or Fantastic Beast, so when I saw this bookmark I immediately fell in love with it. Both the illustration and the quote are amazing and its got to be one of my favourite bookmarks.



There was this Flame in the Mist sampler by Renee Ahdieh. I don’t read samplers normally because I hate really enjoying the sampler then having to wait for the book to be released to read the entire book. But its still a nice added extra in the box and anything that shows the beautiful cover cant be bad.



Other items included in the box was this Following Ophelia Bookmark and a Gilded Cage Postcard. I have been hearing amazing things about Gilded Cage and seeing the postcard in the box made me want to read the book soon. Also been seeing a lot of Following Ophelia on social media recently. The design of the bookmark is very nice also.



In this Illumicrate it featured two books. The first book was this Special Advanced Reader Copy of Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. I saw this a while back on Twitter and as soon as I read the description I knew it would be a book I needed to buy, so to have an ARC of it in this box was amazing.



The featured book in this Illumicrate was Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones. I have already got and read this book because it was sent to me for review from the publisher. But I am sure I will either do a giveaway or gift it to someone. As usual there was a signed bookplate, bookmark and a letter from the author.



Overall Thoughts


I liked most of the items in this box and I loved that the box contained many exclusive items. But if I had to give it one criticism then I would have to say I wish all the items would relate together under a theme. I’m probably used to Fairyloot where there is a different theme each month, and all the items in the box usual have something to do with that theme. I think Illumicrate would benefit from doing something like this because to me even though the items are great and different, they all just seem every random. I will of course continue to subscribe to Illumicrate and I am sure I will continue to enjoy all the boxes they send out.

The next Illumicrate will be out in May, check out the website for more information. Illumicrate.

1 thought on “Unboxing February’s Illumicrate”

  1. I agree with the theme. I had to cancel my subscription the other day, but I wrote a lengthy note about possible things to improve on.

    One of them being that I kinda also like a themed box. Another thing I suggested was that there were supplier reveals before the renewal date. I’d prefer somewhat knowing what I buy before paying. Like, I don’t read horror for instance, at all. So it would be pretty bummer to have it revealed after I paid that the book might be horror-ish. It hasn’t happened, though. But it’s a legit concern.

    Like you, I also enjoy the exclusive items a lot. But I also find lots of stuff I don’t think I’m gonna use. :/

    I might be back as a subscriber later on though.

    Note: my favorite items were the magnets xD


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