Unboxing February Fairyloot


The theme for February’s Fairyloot was Emperors & Fugitives. I had no idea of what to expect in this box apart from it would feature a candle and a Funko product. Now having unboxed it all, I have to say I am pretty pleased with the items featured in this months box.




The first item was this full size exclusive Kalusian Sunset Candle made by Happy Piranha. I really like the design on the outside of the candle, its very pretty and I am sure it has something to do with the book featured in the box. The scent is gorgeous and very powerful.



The second item is this Rebel of the Sands Pouch by Alisse Courtier. The pouch feels very high end quality and I can see it lasting for a while with all my bookish goodies inside. The quote on the pouch is such a brilliant choice as well.



One of my favourite items from this months box was this Baby Groot Keychain by Funko. I don’t have main Funko Keychains so its great to add this little guy to my collection. He looks so cute, I don’t want to take him out of the box.



Another item featured this month was this very pink and sparkly Calestial Gunpowder Bath Bomb made by Bathing Beauties. The bath bomb is massive and best of all its cupcake scented.



This Illuminae Quote Coaster made by Read At Midnight was also included in the box. Love the quote and it would look perfect next to my Illuminae and Gemina books on my shelf.



The Space Girl Bookmark by Till and Dill has to be my favourite item of the entire box. I love the design and the colours, as well as the feel of the bookmark. This is my first Till and Dill bookmark, but I will definitely be collecting more.



Another item included in the box was this Double-sided Manon and Dorian Art Print by Taratjah. This is an exclusive art print featuring two characters from the Throne of Glass series. I really like the design and the detail on both of the images.



Also included in the box was a MyBookmark Discount code and a Book Sampler of The One Memory of Flora Banks.



Finally the book featured in February’s Fairyloot was Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza. I had not heard of this book before but since unboxing it I have checked it out online and it sounds brilliant, and I cant wait to get started reading it. There was also a signed bookplate and a letter from the author.



Overall Thoughts


I thought that the items featured in the Emperors & Fugitives Fairyloot box were very well thought-out and definitely fitted in with the theme. I liked that there was a range of different items that meant that it was a perfect box for all book lovers.

If you are thinking to subscribing to FairyLoot then I would suggest signing up to their Newsletter and they will get in contact with you with new themes and the date for when the boxes become available to order.


I have already subscribed to the next box, which has the theme of Myths & Monsters. It’s their anniversary box, so I am excited to see what items they have planned to featured in the box.


Have you subscribed to Fairyloot? Did you like this months box?

What other book subscription boxes do you subscribe too?

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