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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

After hearing so many great reviews about the Red Queen series I decided to give it a read for myself. Now after reading Red Queen I have to say the reviews are correct, it’s a brilliant read that kept me hooked throughout. 

Mare Barrow is a thief and a pickpocket, she is also a red blood, which means in this world she is a second class citizen. The land is ruled by the Silvers. The Silvers have silver blood instead of red and have powers. Some of the powers include, control fire, use their mind to control objects, control metal, control people using their minds, and many many more. The Red Bloods are slaves and fighters for the Silvers, when people age 18 they are conscripted to fight in the war, unless they have a job. After an incident involving her sister Mare is given a job at the palace. She is not there long when an accident happens and Mare displays a rare gift that could shake the entire world. 

I love anything that has powers, abilities and elemental control, so I knew before I even started this book, that it was a perfect story for me. I did go into this books with high hopes after reading all the reviews and the hype surrounding this series. I’m so glad to say that I was not let down at all with this book. The characters, the world building, the story, are all fantastic and make reading this book a pleasure to read. 

Mare Barrow is a strong, intelligent and interesting character. She wasn’t someone who wanted to be special or the ‘chosen one’. She just wanted a better life for her family and friends. After being thrust into the world of the Silvers, all she could think about was how to make the world a more equal place for Red Bloods. There were many times in the story where I felt sorry for the situation Mare was put in and I just wanted to take her back home to her family. After reading the end I can’t wait to see what Mare is going to do next and how she is going to cope with the events that happened. 

The story had me gripped to every page. At the beginning we are introduced to Mare in the Silts, and the world and characters are developed beautifully. Then when we are taken to the Silver’s world the twists and turns of the plot are knocked up a notch each time that it’s difficult to not carry on reading at the end of every page. I could not predict anything that was going to happen, which made this an exciting and edge of your seat read. 

Victoria Aveyard’s writing is superb. Her attention to detail means that the characters, settings, and story are not under developed and are all fleshed out and described beautifully. As you read Red Queen you can visualise everything that is happening, which makes reading this book a dream. 

I am really excited to see where this series is going to go because I think the Red Queen bought something new and fresh to readers. If you like your reads to have interesting and complex characters, stunning settings and unpredictable plots, then Red Queen is a must read. 


I rate this book 5/5 stars

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