Unboxing November’s Illumicrate


I have been a subscriber to Illumicrate for a year now and I have to say all the boxes they have sent out have been amazing, and perfect for any book lover. With this being the fifth box I was a little worried that there would be some repeated items, but I was wrong. In the box there were items that have never featured in any of the previous boxes.



The first item in the box was a Coffee Cosy by Sparrow + Wolf. This is an exclusive item and it is really pretty. I have never had this sort of item before in any subscription boxes and I think it will come in really handy. The sleeve feels soft but protected and I cant wait to try it out. I really love the design for this item as well.



img_0893Another item in the box was this Evil Plans Notebook by House of Wonderland. Again this is another exclusive item that was only available for the Illumicrate box. The cover design for this is brilliant and very eye catching. I have already started using it and have had comments about how nice the notepad looks. Inside the pages are the standard lined pages which is perfect for jotting down notes and ideas, and maybe Evil Plans!!



I am really liking all the different bookish candles at the minute and I’m so glad to have one from the Illuminae series. In this box there was an Aidan Candle made by Meraki Candles. I really like the smell and colour of the candle and I don’t want to light it yet because I just like opening it up and giving it a smell.




Another new item that was featured in this box was these Happy Socks that are made by Happy Socks. Again I have never had a pair of socks from a subscription box before and I like how its something different to have in the box. I like the socks because they are bright, colourful and eye catching. They are also really soft and I love a good pair of socks.



Other items featured in this months Illumicrate include these All the Bright Places and Holding up the Universe Cards. They are double sided cards with quotes and cover designs from both the books. There was also a small poster about the book Replica by Lauren Oliver. I have recently read this book and I like how the poster relates back to the book, and its so pretty to look at. Then there was some postcards about the books Caraval and Uncoventional. A Six of Crows card wallet, a I’ll be Home for Christmas Gift Tag and a little sampler from the book The One Memory of Flora Banks.



The main book from the box was The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid. I have already got a copy of the book, but have yet to read it. It sounds like its going to be a great read and I hope I get round to reading it soon. The book also came with a letter from the author, a signed book plate and a bookmark.



img_0887In addition to all the items above, the subscribers who have stayed with Illumicrate from the very beginning got a thank you gift as well, which was the book Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin. In the very first Illumicrate the book inside was Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin, and its a nice touch that a year later we had the sequel to that book in the anniversary box.



Overall Thoughts


I really liked all the items in November’s Illumicrate, and it really goes to show that every after a year there are still different surprised and items that can be featured to keep the subscribers happy. All the items in the box are things that I would use and make use of, and all are made from high quality materials. Even though I had already at one of the books I wasn’t bothered because it goes to show that Illumicrate is thinking about what the subscribers would want to read. (Keep and eye out on my Twitter page, because I will be running a giveaway soon for a copy of The Diabolic). If you have not subscribed to Illumicrate and you want to try out a book subscription box that has had some thought and effort put into it then I would suggest you try out Illumicrate, you will not be disappointed.

The next Illumicrate will be out in February, check out the website for more information. Illumicrate.


Have you subscribed to Illumicrate? Did you like November’s box?

What other book subscription boxes do you subscribe too?






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