Addictive Reads


I love reading and can spend hours reading page after page, but then after a while I need to put the book down to either do other jobs or just to have a break. However there are some books that are the exceptions to this rule because I just cant put them down, because they are just too good. I have picked my top six books that once I start them I have to finish them before doing anything else.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggsmiss-peregrines-home-for-peculiar-children-poster

I have read this book twice, I read it last year and again this year before the film was released. The first time I read it I know it took me a few days to read it and I liked it but didn’t love it. This year I thought I wanted to do a re-read of the book before I went to see the film so I could compare them both. As soon as I started I was hooked, from beginning to end I couldn’t put the book down. I don’t know what was different the second time round but I absolutely fell in love with it. I would defintley recommend re-reading a book you were a little unsure of the first time round because the second time round might actually change your opinion.


s-l1000Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

I am a big Harry Potter fan, and I’ve read all the Harry Potter books in at least a day, but the one book I can read in one sitting is the Philosopher’s Stone. It is the shortest book in the series so its not too difficult to read in one sitting, once I start reading and get swept up in the Wizarding World I am hooked until the very end. I do like the first book because its the introduction to the world and the characters and it does bring back lots of memories for me. I always love reading this when I am a little sad or in kind of a reading slump because it cheers me up no end.


When We Collided by Emery Lordimg_3288

Before starting the book all I knew about it was its a contemporary novel which had some really great reviews. Once I read a few chapters I found it really difficult to put down. I remember I was about half way through the book and I was meant to meet up with a friend, I had to push back the time we were meeting just so I could finish the book because I didn’t want to leave it. The writing, the characters and the story is all beautifully written it does make it hard putting it down. If you are looking for a brilliant contemporary read then I would recommend When We Collided.

51sebyhy8glThe Graces by Laure Eve

This was another book I knew very little about before starting. Actually the only thing I did know about it was that it was about witches. Apart from Harry Potter I haven’t really read many books featuring, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The Graces is nothing like Harry Potter but that doesn’t mean its any less enjoyable. The Graces blew me away and more, I loved it from start to finish. The characters were developed really well, the plot was interesting and the writing was beautiful, all this makes the book a perfect one sitting read.



The Fault in our Stars by John Greenthe_fault_in_our_stars

Like many people I find most of John Green’s book brilliant written and engaging and find it hard to put down before I’ve finished. The Fault in our Stars grabs me from the very beginning and only let me go once I turned the last page. It doesnt matter how many times I read this book I always go through a series of emotions, and it does leave me an emotional wreck at the end, but I still love it. Everything about this book is stunning and if you are one of the few people who have not read this book yet then I would definitely go and check it out.


9781784162399-1.jpgWhat Alice Knew by T.A. Cotterell

I have only just read this book today and it was the reason why I made this post because it was an amazing reading. I don’t read many books psychological thrillers because I think most of these books are the same, however this book was very different. It had so many twists and turns I didn’t know how it was going to end. The characters are brilliantly developed, the plot wonderfully addictive and the writing is top notch, all this had me glued to the book. I didn’t move from my seat all afternoon reading this and I would do it all over again because it was that good. If you are looking for something different and interesting to read I would recommend you go and buy this book when its released.


What books can you read in one sitting?




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