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The Two Torcs (Robin Hood: Demon Bane) by Debbie Viguié and James R. Tuck


I went into this book hoping that the slight disappointments in the first book would be rectified, but I was still left a little disappointed. Yes there was more Robin Hood and I thought that the storyline in this book flowed more and it didn’t have a slow middle, but I was still left wanting a bit more from the book.

Evil is everywhere. Through terror and dark sorcery, Prince John wields the power of the throne. Lord and peasant alike meet violent ends as the Sheriff’s arcane beasts spread fear and death. A small group of rebels oppose John, striking from Sherwood Forest…the one place his creatures cannot pursue them. Though their numbers grow, so do the forces of darkness. Robin Longstride has lost everything—his family, his land—so all that remains is his mission to free England from the evil that has descended upon it. Unless Robin and Marian fulfill the ancient prophecy of the Two Torcs, the forest will be overrun, and England will fall.

This was a definite improvement on the first book, the story was gripping and I was invested in the book from beginning to end. The characters got their chance to shine and grow throughout the book. Even Robin, who I thought was a little wasted in the first book, was more prominent in this one and I really do like his character. I didn’t think I could hate Prince John any more than I did at the end of the first book, but I hated him on a whole new level by the end of this one. Prince John is definitely a character you love to hate because you hate him and what he is doing in the story, but you love him because he is such a great villain.

I enjoyed where the story went in this second book and how it built on what was left at the end of the first one. I loved all the action scenes especially the ones with Robin. I managed to read this book in a couple of sittings which goes to show how gripped and immersed in the story I was. I think a major reason this book is an enjoyable read is because of the writing. As with the first book both writers do a brilliant job in describing everything in such vivid detail.

With the plot and characters being such an improvement in this book I don’t know why at the end of the book I’m left a little disappointed. I don’t know if its because I’ve never read any Robin Hood books before and because it has Robin Hood mixed with fantasy and magic, I hyped the series up a little too much to myself. I just finished this book and I wanted a bit more, perhaps this is because its a series and its leading up the third book, but it still left me feeling disappointed.

I would still recommend this series for fans of fantasy and Robin Hood. I will still check out the third book when its released next year and hopefully then I can judge the series as a whole and actually find that I love it.


I rate this book 3/5 stars

***I was sent a copy of this book by the Publisher to review. Everything in this review is my own honest opinions.***



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