#Two Books You Recommend- Book Tag

I did this book tag a couple of months ago and I thought I would do another one to recommend two other books that I have recently read and I think you should check out.




The first book I recommend is Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Nevernight is about a girl called Mia Corvere, who at the age of ten saw her father executed for being a traitor and her mother incarcerated into an asylum. Now with no family left she is on the run with only a mysterious shadow cat called Mister Kindly by her side. Eventually she is taken in my am old man who is a retired killer. He trains Mia so she is able to attend the Red Church, which trains people to be the most deadliest assassins in the city. She wants to be trained by the Red Church so she is able to get vengeance for what happened to her parents. Mia must learn how to be an assassin as well as staying alive because there is a killer on the loose killing other people within the Red Church.

I recommend Nevernight because its a dark but beautiful read which has your gripped from beginning to end. The entire book is full of brutal and bloodiness, set in an amazing world. If the first chapter does not make you want to read more, then I don’t know what will, because the first chapter is one of the best opening chapters I have ever read.

For my full review of Nevernight, click here



The second bo0081ce_e6927fffed494d17bbf98607d8805c89ok I recommend is Inherited by Freedom Matthews. Inherited is set on board a cursed a pirate ship called the Wilted Rose, and the crew aboard the ship are forbidden to say ‘I love you’ to anyone they love because if they do then the person they say it to will die. The crew are all heirs of the curse and their mission is to convince the Sorceress who put the curse on the ship to life the curse. Things change when Lennie a member of the Wilted Rose, who is the only women on the ship starts to fall for the new arrival Nathaniel.

I really enjoyed reading Inherited because it was something original and refreshing. I have never read a book about pirates and I found Inherited to be a brilliant read. There are so many different stories told within Inherited that it feels like you have read an entire series, instead of just the one book. There are things for everyone in the book from pirates and faeries to magic and romance, there is something to keep everyone entertained.  All the characters are wonderfully brought to life and by the end you will want to join the crew of the Wilted Rose. I can not wait to see what Freedom Matthews has in store for the sequel.

For my full review of Inherited, click here


They are my two book recommendations for the past couple of months. What two books have you read recently would you recommend to other book lovers?


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