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This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab



This Savage Song is the first instalment of a new duology by V.E Schwab and it involves monsters, so what’s not to love? I love The Darker Shade of Magic series by V.E Schwab so once I heard about this I knew I had to get it. I haven’t read many books about monsters, these days its more about zombies or vampires, so reading about monsters was very refreshing.

This Savage Song is set in a city called Verity, and the city has been divided between people and monsters. Kate Harker is the daughter of Callum Harker, who is the leader of the North of the city. She wants to prove to him and everyone else that she is as strong and ruthless as her father. Then we have August who is a Sunai monster, who can eat people’s souls. A Sunai monster is a created from the greatest forms of violence and hatred, such as bombings where many people died. but August doesn’t want to be a monster, he longs to be human. When August is asked to pose as a human to spy on Kate Harker, he jumps at the chance. But problems soon arise when Kate finds out about August’s secret.

This is such a great book to read and get lost in the world. The characters are beautiful developed and full of emotion. At first I hated Kate, but that’s because she was trying to be this evil character just like her father. But as the story continued my opinion changed and she did grow on me. With August I liked him from the start to the end, he is just the sort of character that you can relate to straight away. As in with the other V.E Schwab books I’ve read, the characters are always one of the strongest points in the book. They are all fully developed and real. When finishing some books you are left wanting a bit more from the characters, but with V.E Schwab’s books you always feel like you know the characters personally by the end, and This Savage Song is no different.

This books main selling point for me was the monsters. I haven’t read many books that contain monsters and it was great to read about them and with the way the human and monsters interact with each other. I have got a bit bored of reading about zombies, vampires and werewolves, so monsters was a great change for me. Also having the three different types of monsters make the story more exciting and different.

Another great thing about This Savage Song is V.E Schwab’s writing. From the start she manages to pull you into this world, where you knowing nothing about it, but she makes you feel like you are fully involved and part of the story. Her writing is fast paced and full of action and emotion. The world she builds is fully developed without be full of unnecessary descriptions, so it makes the writing more fluid and a pleasure to read.

I would definitely recommend This Savage Song to anyone who loves a good YA book with edge of your seat action, great characters and full of monsters. Another plus point about this book is that there is no romance in the book. Some people are put off from YA books because most involve romance, however this has none of that. For me V.E Schwab is an author who I will automatically buy books from because I know that I will never be disappointed, and that I will always have a great time reading her books.


I rate this book 4/5 stars

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