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Honesty by Seth King




Honesty is one of the best books I’ve have ever had the pleasure of reading. From the writing to the story to the characters it is a great read which everyone should go out and read straight way so they can understand how heartbreaking, emotional and honest this book really is. I have had to try and think how to put down how I’m feeling but I am still a little emotional.

Honesty is about Cole and Nicky whose first love relationship with each other is darkened by fear, shame and ignorance. Cole is the narrator of this story and he is the sort of person who you automatically connect with when reading, he always sees the best in other people and its hard not to feel sorry for him with all the problems he has going on in his life. Everything changes for Cole when he meets Nicky, and its love at first sight. Thoughtout the story we see the troubles and hardships both Cole and Nicky have to go through just to be together. I will not say anymore about the plot because this sort of story you need to go into without knowing much and experience Cole and Nicky’s experiences with them.

Cole is a great character and perfect narrator for this book because you are with him every step of his journey and you feel what he feels. When Cole is angry, you get angry; when Cole cries, you cry; when Cole feels loved you feel loved. There was serval times i just wanted to hug Cole and tell him ‘Everything was going to be okay’. Throughout the whole book you are connected with Cole and the journey he goes through with Nicky and the problems he faces with his parents. You can differently see the journey Cole goes on from the start of the book to the end, he has grown up and no longer the shy insecure boy we met at the beginning.

The writing completely draws you in and never lets you go. This is my first Seth King book and i know it not going to be my last because I’m in love with his writing. This beautiful book is full of emotion and depth and honesty, that it shocked me a little, in a way that I was not prepared for it to be so honest. Seth King does not try to sugar coat his words or restricts what he wants to write, he tells the truth. When reading you can tell that this story is a true and coming from Seth King’s past experiences because the story is so emotional and full of heart. I had to stop a few times and compose myself because it felt asif I was reading a memoir instead of a fictional book.

I would recommend this book to everyone because everyone has felt one time or another that they are not good enough or they are alone in their life and this book shows that life is still worth living. Even if love stories are not your thing, you should check this book out just for pure perfection of the writing, you will not regret it.  I can truthfully see myself re-reading this book every year and not get bored by it. Honesty is a great title because thats what this book is, its honest. Im sorry if this review does not make much sense, but if I can give you anything for this review and that is that you should go and read this as soon as you can.

I rate this book 5/5 stars (I would rate it more if I could)



* I was given this book to write an honest review*

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