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Book Review Policy

I’m happy to accept print copies and e-copies of books to review but print is preferred. If I accept to review a book I will try and get the review up a month after the book is sent to me or when the book is released. I will publish the review on my blog and other book sites such as Amazon and Goodreads. The review I make will always be of my own opinions of the book.

Genres I prefer:
* YA
* Science Fiction
* Horror
* Dystopian
* Fantasy
* Contemporary- not keen on all contemporary books
* Fiction

Genres I won’t review:
* Academic books
* Non fiction
My rating is system is the standard five stars.


I love this book!
This would be the sort of book I would buy and re-read and recommend to friends and other readers.



This book is great!
The book is not perfect and could be better in places but it is still a great buy and would consider buying it.



It’s an OK book.
Nothing special or different. Pretty ‘meh’. I might buy this book and recommend it.



I didn’t like it.
The book hasn’t got anything gripping about it. I would not buy this book and wouldn’t recommend this book to others.



I disliked it.
The book was a chore to read and not fun or exciting. Nothing about the book was interesting and would definitely not buy this book or recommend it to other people.


DNF (Did Not Finish)

Gave up with the book.
It was hard work to read and I didn’t want to waste any more of my time reading the book.