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The House of Wolfe by James Carlos Blake


I was sent this book from RealReaders to give an honest review. I would never normally pick up and read this type of book because I thought that it wouldn’t be my ‘thing’ and I wouldn’t enjoy it. But I was wrong. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and am now on the look out for more books similar to this.

The story is told over a period of 24 hours, about a wedding party in Mexico City being kidnapped and help for ransom. The Wolfe family get involved when they learn that one of their own family members are being held captive, and they are worried that once the ransom is paid the kidnappers will kill the hostages. So they go to Mexico City to try and find the hostages before its too late.

This book is packed with action from start to finish. Just by reading the first few pages you can see how violent, bloody and gritty the whole story is going to be. Even though this book is the third book in the Wolfe series it can still be read as a stand alone from the other two books. I have never read the other two books in the series or anything by James Carlos Blake, but I am definitely going and find and read the previous books now.

The writing is great because it straight to the point, and straight to the action. Every last word of the book has something to do with the story; there is no fluff or filler. With the writing being so tight and to point it makes an absorbing book to read and can be finished very quickly. This book is less than 300 pages, which is great for a fast, action packed read. I managed to finish the book in little over a day, if I had the time I’m sure I would of completed it in one sitting. With the story only spanning 24 hours it keeps you on the edge of your seat while reading and is very difficult to put down. I didn’t want to put it down and when I did I was thinking about it while I was doing other things.

Overall this is great for people who want a short book that is full of violence, blood and tension as well as great writing.

I give this book 4/5 stars

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