Book Reviews

The Bell Tower by Sarah Rayne

Was looking forward to this book, but was left a little disappointed after reading it. Normally the haunted house series is full of eerie buildings and spooky characters which makes a scary, jumpy read. But the Bell Tower was a let down.

It was great to return to the characters of Nell and michael again and the book started off with an interesting premise but after a few chapters it started to get a little slow and hard work. The only parts of the book I enjoyed was the bits about Nell and Michael renovating the shop and other snipers of their life. Other than that the man story about the monks and the Bell Tower was a bit dull and boring. Don’t get me wrong the writing was top notch as always and was one of the reason why I kept reading the book. I just wish the story was much stronger.

The Bell Tower just wasn’t up there with the other books in the series. It needed more spookiness and more darker. This series I expect to be scared and not able to read the book at night time. But this one I tried to finished soon or I knew I would have given up.

I really hope that the next book in the series picks up and Sarah Rayne finds a story that is full of dark spooky characters and buildings. If not perhaps they will have to end up changing the series name to The Dull House series.

I rate this book 3/5 stars

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