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Savage Lane by Jason Starr

This book is amazing.

When I first read the synopsis for the book I wasn’t excited to read the book, it didn’t sound like it would be might sort of thing and I was put off from reading it. But I am glad that I decided to read it because I was gripped from beginning to end. I managed to read this book in about four hours. I could not put it down and when I did I was thinking about the characters and what would happen next.

This book is about a group of people who live in or around Savage Lane and how complicated and twisted their lives are. I can not really say anything else because it would ruin the reading experience of the book. I went into this book knowing very little and I think it makes reading this book even better the less you know. There isn’t a main character because the chapters switch to various characters throughout the book. This is great because you are able to read about each characters feelings and get to know them more and in some cases either hate them even more. This book is full of twists and turns and you will go from loving one character to absolutely hating them in the space of a chapter. I think throughout the book I empathised with most characters, but by the end I was only rooting for one character. The end did feel a little abrupt and did leave me wanting just another couple of chapters to give the book a more rounded end. But other than that this book is brilliant.

I have never read or even heard of Jason Starr, but I will be checking out his pervious books because this is one the best books I have read this year. His writing is brilliant, its easy to read and nicely written which keeps you on the edge of your seat while reading. Also the characters in Savage Lane stay with you even when you finish the book, which is credit to Jason Starr’s writing.

Savage Lane is an addictive page turner and is perfect for people who love psychological thrillers, but also for people who want to read about a twisted community. The tag lane for this book is ‘Everyone has a secret”, in my opinion Everyone should read this book.

Thank you for RealReaders and and No Exit Press for sending me this book to give an honest review.

I rate this book 5/5 stars

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